Rikolto (previously VECO/Vredeseilanden)

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Tel.: +32(0)16/31.65.80
Fax: +32(0)16/31.65.81

Rikolto International s.o.n.
Blijde Inkomststraat 50
3000 Leuven, Belgium

Company number: BE0662.878.501

Rikolto Directors

Chris Claes
Chris Claes
Executive Director of Rikolto (International)
David Leyssens
David Leyssens
Operational Director of Rikolto in West Africa
Germaine Furaha
Germaine Furaha
Regional Director in East Africa
Nonie Kaban
Nonie Kaban
Good Food for Cities Southeast Asia Regional Director
Thibault Geerardyn
Thibault Geerardyn
Directeur van Rikolto in België
+32 16 31 65 83

Internship at Rikolto international

We have no specific volunteer position opened at the moment. However,

  • Is your project thesis concerning one of our focus topics and you would like to collaborate with us?
  • Are you searching for an internship for your university programme?
  • Would you like to put you fresh ideas and expertise at the service of Rikolto?

We are willing to look if one of our offices (regional or international) has the possibility to welcome you. Please note that internships are not remunerated in our organization. We can contribute time and coaching, but have no possibility to bear the costs of tickets or accommodation.

What we would need from you to do so is:

  1. An idea of the duration and timing of your internship. Ideally it should be of min. 3 months - max. 6 months.
  2. What is your statute and why are you searching for an internship at Rikolto?
  3. How would you see yourself contributing to our goal? in which project and/or region?

Please send your cover letter and curriculum vitae to the following email: [at] Make sure to answer all the questions above.

This is what we can offer you:

  • An exciting environment with tailored guidance from competent colleagues;
  • A pleasant office combined with a flexible home working arrangement.
  • Frequent contacts with people from a diverse network (companies, universities, NGOs).