Exciting partnership set to provide business services to thousands of agribusinesses annually

Exciting partnership set to provide business services to thousands of agribusinesses annually

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We are excited to announce that we are advancing our partnership with SCOPEinsight by becoming the newest member of their Local Expert Network (LEN). This partnership combines a set of evidence-based methods and data-led tools to help producers (including agribusinesses) engage more effectively in local, regional, and global markets. In turn, this will enhance farmers’ capacity to innovate and compete, increase their household income, and ultimately improve their livelihoods.

Through our social limited liability enterprise Rikolto Limited, which we set up in 2019 to offer our knowledge, expertise, and tools and methodologies we have developed as a consultancy service, we hope to work with SCOPEinsight in their LEN to continue making a difference in farmers’ lives.

“We stand by Rikolto's commitment to strengthen the business skills of farmer organisations and help them build long-term relationships with other stakeholders inside and outside value chains. We proudly welcome them as the newest member of our Local Expert Network”

Pablo Mendoza Business Development Manager at SCOPEinsight

About us working together

Rikolto and SCOPEinsights in Latin America

Rikolto’s work with SCOPEInsight dates back to 2015, when we conducted our first SCOPE assessments in Uganda. Fast forward to 2021, we have now performed more than 185 evaluations on 136 cooperatives and producer organisations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

For us, SCOPE assessments are the basis for building the capacity of farmer organisations and implementing customised trainings for agribusinesses. Moreover, we use SCOPE tools to engage with buyers and financial service providers that wish to obtain objective information on the capacity of farmer organisations with which they were partnering or looking to partner.

Combining SCOPE services with valuable local knowledge - What we want to achieve through the LEN

The LEN is a partnership programme that creates value in target countries for market players, capacity builders, and local implementors alike. Through the LEN, SCOPEinsight aims to attract organisations that share this vision of professionalising agribusinesses and serve as reliable SCOPE tool implementors. Through partnering with like-minded businesses (Local Experts), the LEN ensures that international capacity builders can efficiently implement their projects while strengthening the local economy.

“At SCOPEinsight, we understand how important it is to have local BDS providers embedded in the market system. Therefore, our relationship with Rikolto is crucial to being able to serve agribusinesses' needs more effectively,”

Pablo Mendoza Business Development Manager at SCOPEinsight

Rikolto leverages its expertise as a global NGO and combines it with local outreach

To accelerate Rikolto's impact, we have created a social limited liability enterprise, Rikolto Limited, which exists in parallel with the non-profit organisation. This allows us to provide consultancy services to stakeholders based on our expertise and methodologies. All the proceeds are reinvested in the social purpose of Rikolto.

To learn more about the work that Rikolto is doing to professionalise farmer organisations, visit:

Professionalising Farmer Organisations